Product design

Hardware Design

H&F Electronics B.V. product design is based on embedded micro-controllers. The final choice of the used micro-controller depends on the application and the desired functionality. Our research and development team has extensie experience of a viarity of micro controllers (Hitachi, Motorola, Thomson). H&F has in-circuit emulators for these micro-processos making it possible to simulate the application behaviour during the product design phase. Based on the simulation software the hardware design is tested based on the agreed specification.

Mechanical Design

In consulation with the customer a basic product specification is made. Hereby the mechanical specification are taken into account. During the desing phase a functional model of both the electronics aswell the mechanical specifications are created. Using a 3D CAD system dimensions and tolerances are checked and visualised.

PCB Design

Once the electrical diagrams and mechanical parameters have been mapped the actual product layout design can be started. The conponents are placed and sensitive circuits get during placement aswell routing the greatest attention. During the final phase of the layout-design, the production data will be generated for manufacturing the printed circuit boards.

Software Design

During the definition phase of the product design project the hardware and software department closely work together to achieve the best price / performance ratio. Where possible specific tasks are softwarematically solved. The reverse is of course also possible depending on the required perofrmance of the electronic product. The software for embedde systems is written in C. Powerfull realtime in-ciruit emulaters and debuggers support software engineers to get the best results.


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