elektronica ontwikkeling

Electronic assembly

H&F Electronics B.V. has for electronic assembly contacs with several national and international production facilities. Depending on the size of the production batch and the desired technologies the most suitable and competitive facility is chosen that offers the best price / preformance ratio. The purchasing departmet with over 30 years experience in component sourcing purchases components at the right conditions. Recieved components are checked on quality and quantity. The logistic department ensures just in time (JIT) delivery of components towards the production facilities.


Our choice to outsource print assembly stems from our philosoph:
Doing what you do best, outsource what another can do better!

Modern electronic assembly rapidly changes, making it impossibel for a company like H&F Electronics B.V. to keep all developments on the same trend. We have chosen to keep all knowledge regarding product development inhouse. With print assambly for SMD oftten huge investments are involved. These are only profitable if they achieve a high occupancy. Therfore we outsource our electronic assambly to companies that are specialized and folow the technological developments in this area. This provides us the great flexibility in production assembly capacity, production assemblys techniques and prices. And offers us the possiblity to fully focus on our core business namely product development.


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